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If bulking trademark reports are not for you, then, Dmarkio is definitely for you. Our reports are short and precise, crispy enough to enable your decision making over a cup of coffee.

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A name you can trust for trademark searches

Country specific searches from $ 99 Continent specific searches from $ 199

Why Choose Us

Trademark Attorneys demand meritoriously curated informed to enable informed and quick decision making. Reports running in hundreds of pages are of no help in today’s fast changing and demanding business environment. Our Report don’t run in hundreds of pages and are prepared by skilled attorneys. Thus, our trademark search reports are prepared by trademark agents or attorneys for trademark decision makers. Request a sample, today!

Super Fast Delivery

Most of our search reports are delivered within a week time. Yes, we do deliver some reports within 24 hours!

Focused Target

A single mark is enough to block your application – we aim to deliver that single mark in our reports.

Short & Crisp Reports

Most of our search reports are less than 50 pages and list sufficient conflicting marks to enable quick and crisp decision making.

Exhaustive Coverage

Internet. Domain. Company Registers. Federal. State. Country Specific Trademark Offices. Continent Specific Consortiums. You name it and we shall cover ALL in search reports.

Manual Reports

No automated reports. No artificial intelligence in report preparation. Attorney styled and formatted reports clearly demarking most relevant conflicting marks.

Excellent Support

Need customized report at no additional cost – we got you covered. Need a complimentary search for ‘certain variation of subject mark’ – we will do, at no extra cost.

90 hours/day hours/day Search Capability
36 pagespages Average Report Size
18/week week Average Searches
100 + 100 + Countries Covered

Our Main Services

We are a trademark search and analytics company. Trademark searching demands high degree of focus and intelligent sense of playing with words. Our qualified, experienced and trained attorneys have mastered the art of trademark searching. It is only qualified attorneys who perform search assignment - thereby quantifying the search reports.

Country Specific

Search performed limited to a specific country/jurisdiction.

World Wide Searches

Search performed covering important countries of the world

Asian & European Searches

Search performed limited by important country/jurisdictions of interest.


Search performed limited by specific countries.


How it works

Various Packages

We understand a single search package cannot serve every kind of decision making. Thus, we offer, various search options to choose from,for every search type we provide. These search packages are classified as a) Internet Search, b) Intermediate Search, c) Basic Search, d) Standard Search and e) Premium Search.

For USA, we do provide Federal, State and Common Law search results. Should you need, we can include results from WIPO and European Community Register.

Write to us to know more about various search packages we provide.Contact Us today!

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World-wide Search

We understand that a world-wide search could become very critical to your business. Thus, our world-wide search report categorizes results as primary (identical) and secondary (closely related) besides listing results found by conducting Internet based search and Domain Name Search. Also, results from WIPO Global & Madrid Monitor Database, United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) are provided in the search report. The report can further be modified to include results from Country Specific Company Register Database (wherever available).

Sounds interesting? Would you like to receive a sample? Write to us to know more about various search packages we provide. Contact Us today!

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Countries of Special Interest

So, where do most of our clients focus for their trademark search requests? We receive trademark search request for countries like China, USA, Japan, EUIPO, Iran, Russia Federation, India, France, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Germany, Brazil, Canada, United kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Vietnam and Spain.

For USA, we do provide, Federal, State and Common Law search results. Should you need, we can include results from WIPO and European Community Register.

Write to us to know more about various search packages we provide.Contact Us today!

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Our Best Pricing


$ 0/ mark / class Your first trademark search with us is free!

limited to conducting an Internet based search

  • 1 Day Turn around time
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$ 99/ mark/class Have a specific country to search in?

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$ 299/mark/class Have a specific continent to search in?

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$ 499/mark /class Thinking to go global ?

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  • 5 Day Turn around time
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Dmarkio has conducted thousands of searches and we shall eagerly do it for you too.

Customer Says

Our satisfied customer says

Our proprietary process for trademark search and analytics is a combination of manual and automated means and as a result our reports mention only the most relevant search results and not just anything and everything’ which can be easily fetched from web-search engines.